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On January 25, 1941 the Leningrad Aviation Institute (LAI) was founded on the former premises of the Leningrad Road Institute (Gastello Street, 15) by the Decree of the Soviet Government. 1200 students were enrolled in three faculties of Aircraft Construction, Instrumentation and Motor Building. During the Great Patriotic War the Institute operated an aircraft and tank repair shop. While some of the students and the faculty standing for the city, the LAI was evacuated.

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Eighth International Conference Philosophy and Culture of Information Society at SUAI

Faculty of Humanities, Department of History and Philosophy will traditionally hold the annual conference Philosophy and Culture of Information Society.

The Eighth session of the conference will take place on November 20-22, presided by the Rector of SUAI Yulia Antokhina.

This year the conference will be held online for the first time. However, it attracts more and more participants every year. 155 authors from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Armenia, Azerbaijan and dozens of Russian universities and other institutions have sent their abstracts.

The growing geographical spread of the conference reflects the increase in understanding information society problems, with many methods and solutions being provided. SUAI has become an international platform for discussing challenges of modern world.

The conference proceeding will be published in the near future.

Organizing Committee

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Russia-Mexico Week: Connections

Russia-Mexico Week: Connections

November 9-13, 2020 SUAI will hold a science and practice workshop called Russia-Mexico Week: connections to commemorate the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Russia. The online program of the event will include speeches by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Mexico in Russia Norma Berta Pensado Moreno and the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Russia in Mexico Viktor Coronelli.

The workshop will listen to reports by diplomacy, higher education and media dealing with Russian-Mexican international relations, followed with discussions on bilateral contacts, politics, culture, art and economy of the two countries.

Students and faculty are invited to attend the workshop daily on above mentioned dates from 16 to 17:30 P.M.

Working language: Spanish, Russian (occasionally).


Conference ID: 889 0379 3333

Password: 754230

See the program below:

Program (DOCX)


01 April, 2021
SUAI at PHOTONICS 2021 Exhibition

SUAI at PHOTONICS 2021 Exhibition

March 29th April 2nd SUAIs delegation from the Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications went to Moscow with a stand on Automated system for precision laser processing of materials with acousto-optic power control.

The delegation of Oleg Shakin, Temirgaziz Sharafutdinov, Vasily Kazakov, ksenia Serdiuk and Alexander Denisov represented a unique technology that uses an axicon to form an outcoming quasi-diffractionless beam, thus ensuring advanced materials processing.

The President of the Laser Association Ivan Kovsh awarded Ksenia Serdiuk from SUAI as the winner of the competition on best graduation works.

26 March, 2021
SUAI at Eurasian Educational Forum

SUAI at Eurasian Educational Forum

March 23rd, Eurasian Educational Forum opened in Kyrgyzstan with two host locations in Osh (March 23-24) and Bishkek (March 26-28).

The Forum will increase University-University partnership between educational organizations in the region and participants from other countries. The event promotes easier realization of educational services, better access to higher education and standardization of programs and methodology.

SUAI has an information stand at the Forum, also posting details at the Middle Asia Education Expo (MAEEXPO) platform to attract candidates and establish contacts.

24 March, 2021
Attention!!! Instruction for International Students on How to Arrive in Russia during COVID-19

Attention!!! Instruction for International Students on How to Arrive in Russia during COVID-19

1. Before going to Russia you must announce the University via email to about the arrival date (not less than 10 days in advance). An answer with information about your arrival will be sent to your email. If there are any questions about this step, call 8 (812) 570-13-32.

2. Not less than 3 days before arrival in Russia you are supposed to pass a PCR COVID-19 test. In case it is negative, you must obtain a confirmation document in Russian or English in your country.

3. Within 72 hours after arrival in Russia you must pass another PCR test (information on where to pass the test can be found on the website or by calling 8 (812) 315-80-42. Until you get the results, you should stay self-isolated in the place of your residence. While isolated, you will study online. Without the second test we dont let students visit the University.

4. In case you feel symptoms of respiratory illnesses during the self-isolation (high temperature, throat ache, head cold, cough), you must announce the University and call the doctor (call "103" or "112") to the place of your residence.

16 March, 2021
SUAI at CIS EXPO Virtual Exhibition

SUAI at CIS EXPO Virtual Exhibition

March 11-12, 2021 the EXPOCENTER.DIGITAL platform held CIS EXPO to bring together business, education, tourism, industry and administration from CIS countries.

SUAI and other Russian universities with large numbers of CIS students participated in the exhibition to establish deeper contacts with partners and make their educational programs even more recognizable.

One of the 30-year CIS anniversary events, the exhibition was supported by ROSSOTRUDNICHESTVO. More industry-based events will follow during the year to celebrate the anniversary of CIS.

05 March, 2021
The First Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand Education in Russia and Thailand: Dialogue with the Digital Society. Closing Ceremony

The First Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand Education in Russia and Thailand: Dialogue with the Digital Society. Closing Ceremony

March 5th, 2021 The First Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand finished after a week of round tables, sessions, negotiations and other activities. SUAIs Rector Yulia Antokhina and Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin Losev participated in the plenary session, online exhibition and abovementioned events.

The Forum resulted in a range of preliminary arrangements between Russian and Thai universities. SUAIs international team headed by Dr. Yulia Antokhina conducted negotiations with several Thai partners to establish contacts and agreed on first steps of future cooperation.

The Plenary session and thematic sessions accompanied with the online exhibition enabled Thai universities to understand SUAIs profile and vision more properly. Thus, the university expects questions from Thai faculty directors and potential students.

The Forum helped Russia and Thailand find out more about each others educational structures. Supported by the governments and education authorities of both countries, the event might become a regular activity.

01 March, 2021
SUAI at 1st Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand

SUAI at 1st Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand

March 1st, 2021 the First Rectors Forum of Russia and Thailand was held online to develop social relations between the countries, foster academic exchange between the universities, increase the value of scientific research in both countries.

SUAI, represented by its Rector Yulia Antokhina and the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin Losev, will participate in multiple events during the Forum. Also, the University prepared a stand for the Exhibition of Universities, one of the Forums ideas for strengthening international relations. You can visit the stand here:

The Forum will be held until March 5th promoting Russia-Thailand partnership in education and research.

12 February, 2021
SUAI Joins Program on NB-IoT Network Devices Development

SUAI Joins Program on NB-IoT Network Devices Development

MTS Systems Corporation unites leading technical universities to launch an educational program. The project enables students with an opportunity to work on power-efficient devices development, while professors will be able to get a consultation-evaluation from MTS experts.

MTS handed SUAI 25 sets for developing Power-efficient IoT devices and quick comprehension of NB-IoT principles due to the open code, open platform and Arduino compatibility. The sets included plenty of electronic equipment to be located at SUAIs IoT Engineering laboratory.

SUAIs Rector Yulia Antokhina was glad to start a joint project with MTS, a leading telecommunication company in Russia.

11 February, 2021
Chinese New Year 2021

Chinese New Year 2021

We are happy to congratulate our Chines colleagues, staff and partner entities on New Year. SUAI, home for hundreds of Chines students and graduates, hopes that this will be another great year of cooperation and partnership between Russia and China. We take the opportunity to thank every Chinese person involved in our R&D projects and academic exchange development.
08 February, 2021
Day of Russian Science 2021

Day of Russian Science 2021

February 8th marks the Day of Russian Science. The day is chosen to comply with the Russian Academy of Sciences anniversary, celebrated since 1999. Events popularizing scientific knowledge and granting outstanding scientists are planned for today. The Minister of Science and Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov gave a speech to congratulate science workers and enthusiasts, students, teachers, professors and researchers.

SUAI appreciates importance of such days promoting Russian science and research activities and congratulates its staff and partners.

04 February, 2021
SUAI Participates in Webinar for Russian Universities International Services

SUAI Participates in Webinar for Russian Universities International Services

February 4th, 2021 a webinar within the Export of Education Federal Project took place to discuss educational process organization during spring semester. SUAIs Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin Losev met his colleagues from leading Russian universities, sharing experience on how to organize international activities under risk of the pandemic.

The participants analyzed Chinese universities experience and talked on migration policies and educational issues resulting in a better plan of organization for all the universities. Over 300 experts from Russian universities, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Migration Services took part in the meeting.

25 January, 2021
Happy Anniversary, SUAI!

Happy Anniversary, SUAI!

January 25th, Russian students day, SUAI celebrated its 80th birthday during a mass online-translation for students, graduates, staff, partners and eminent guests.

The day will launch a range of anniversary events starting with congratulation speeches by the Rector Yulia Antokhina and by famous visitors. Successful graduates, city and region administration, aviation and aerospace engineers, cosmonauts joine the event to speak during the broadcast.

The web chat was filled with warm greetings and support by those, whose biography has been closely tied with our university. Yulia Antokhina gave presentation for the visitors speaking about recent achievements in training, facilities and project making.

Creative Activities

For decades, SUAI graduates leading designers, chief engineers, heads of large industrial enterprises have been shaping the aircraft, the space and the instrumentation engineering.

- Georgy Poltavchenko

The Ex-Governor of St. Petersburg,
graduate of the SUAI Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems