08 April, 2019
Unknown East

Unknown East

April 8, 2019 Renaissance Hotel held the Round Table within the Week of Germany in St. Petersburg by DAAD Information Center, German House of Science and Innovations (DWIH) in Moscow and German R&D Community (DFG).

The Round Table brought together 20 Russian universities and 15 German universities to discuss Russia-Germany student exchange problems, attractiveness of St. Petersburg for international students, tools and strategies for academic mobility.

SUAI was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev and the Head of the DIA International Cooperation Sub-Department Yulia V. Makarova.

The event opened with greeting speech by the Head of DAAD Information Center Beate Kolberg promoting scientific cooperation between Russian and German education to follow with DWIH and DFG presentations on R&D exchange and technologies.

The Round Table dwelled on relevant issues of education and international cooperation answering current challenges.

05 April, 2019
SUAI Strengthens Cooperation with Xian Jiaotong University (XJTU)

SUAI Strengthens Cooperation with Xian Jiaotong University (XJTU)

April 5, 2019 SUAI welcomed a Chinese delegation from Xian Jiaotong University (XJTU), a C9 member and a large R&D center.

The delegation was greeted by the SUAI Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev, the Vice-Rector for Educational Technologies and Innovative Activities Vladislav F. Shishlakov, the Director of the Institute of Radio-engineering, Electronics and Communication Alexander R. Bestugin, the Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship Technologies Arthur S. Budagov and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law Mikhail V. Serbin.

Konstantin V. Losev opened the meeting with the SUAIs presentation on education and international experience with PRC.

Alexander R. Bestugin and Vladislav F. Shishlakov, directors of SUAIs technical education, spoke on research by students and staff of their institutes.

Arthur S. Budagov and Mikhail V. Serbin described educational process in Business and Law programs.

SUAIs science and education leaders invited the guests from XJTU to participate in the Universitys annual conferences and workshops.

In the negotiations the parties found common points of interest, resulting in strengthening cooperation in education and science.

28 March, 2019
City Conference on Space, Intellect and Creativity

City Conference on Space, Intellect and Creativity

March 28, 2019 SUAI became the venue for the City Conference on Space, Intellect and Creativity to promote space exploration among school students. Supported by Russian space communities, education committees and Moscow district administration, the Conference helps young students make their first steps towards R&D.

The Conference develops scientific view of the world involving teenagers into research and projects guided by the Institute of Fundamental Training and Technological Innovations (FTTI) at SUAI.

20 March, 2019
XIX Ecology of Big City International Forum

XIX Ecology of Big City International Forum

March 20, 2019 the ExpoForum of St. Petersburg hosted the XIX Ecology of Big City International Forum to bring together Russian industry promoting innovative environmental protection equipment and resource saving technologies.

SUAIs students in technosphere security participated in the Forum to see talks on development of high-tech environmentally friendly and safe production, nature conservation and improvement of the quality of life in big cities.

Seminars and round tables within the Forum shared knowledge on technological and legal aspects of industrial processes and waste disposal for better ecology.

The Forum gave SUAIs students experience and new contacts for future internships. 

16 March, 2019
University of Future Forum

University of Future Forum

March 15-16, 2019 SUAI participated in the University of Future Forum to discuss modern science and technology environment, advanced technology spaces and science parks. The Forum answered questions on effective development of science parks in the region.

The plenary session on innovative ecosystems included the speech by the SUAI Rector Yulia A. Antokhina promoting SUAIs approaches in building ecosystems and interacting with technology and industry. Yulia A. Antokhina believes that educational process itself should be an ecosystem comfortable for students.