IoT Makerton Over, Welcome the Winners!

IoT Makerton Over, Welcome the Winners!

                                                             February 15, 2017 After 3 days of development and joint work, the student participants presented their projects to the panel of SUAI professors and leading developers and manufacturers.

Of 16 teams, 14 reached the finals, rated for efficiency, complexity and functionality, innovation, commercial prospects, cloud data transmission and project presentation.

1st place won the project of Smoking room. IoT system for smoking detection and smoking negative consequences visualization by R. Saniyazov, I. Dzyubenko, A. Tatarnikova.

2nd place won the project of Smart house, smart shutter, smart lighting by S. Lach, A. Rysin, V. Shevtsov, A. Kazakov.

3rd place won the project Remote voice control of IoT device using SpeechKit command recognition and authorization by B. Bordzov, E. Nosov, V. Gayduk.

The IoT Makerton was organized by the SUAI IoT laboratory with the support of the Intel Inc. and the SUAI administration.

The Organizing Committee expresses gratitude to the SUAI administration for assistance and cooperation!