International Week "Knowledge Economy: Challenges and Opportunities" at SUAI

International Week "Knowledge Economy: Challenges and Opportunities" at SUAI

September 17-21, 2018 SUAI hosted the International Week "Knowledge Economy: challenges and opportunities". The Forum is held under the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO to organize lectures, workshops, and round tables on international business, management, IT and international relations by experienced speakers from Hungary, Germany, Poland, Serbia, France, Switzerland, Spain and Russia.

The International Week brought together over 150 participants and 16 speakers. The Forum was opened by the SUAI Rector Yulia A. Antokhina to be followed by the educational part, including interactive lectures and master-classes on E-commerce, cryptocurrency, strategic management, Russian and Spanish economies, blockchain technologies, crowdfunding and business in Instagram.

The Forum was open for students from SUAI and the rest of the world! Students could visit lectures according to their preferences.

The International Week brings together studies, informal communication and a cultural program with visits to Peterhof, the Hermitage and the Mariinsky Theatre and an art-party.