Final Strategic Session within Export of Education Project

Final Strategic Session within Export of Education Project

July 3, SUAI participated in the final webinar on export of Russian education. The topic of todays online-meeting was the Diversification of international recruitment tools as the instrument of the Export of Education Project.

In previous sessions the participants talked on basic tasks and priorities of governmental policies in export of Russian education in 2020, goals and tasks within the Export of Education Project, economic interests of Russian regions in the development of higher education export, international accreditation of educational programs and implementation of quota recruitment in 2020.

The challenging year of 2020 caused many discussions on tools, methods and problems of international activity at universities. Dozens of reports and presentations by the organizers aimed at providing necessary information, so that Russian universities could respond to challenges.

The 4 webinars resulted in better understanding of current situation and of specific features in this years international activity.