14 September, 2017
SUAI Welcomes Beihang University

SUAI Welcomes Beihang University

September 14, 2017 an official delegation of the Beihang University, China, visited SUAI.

Previously known as the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA), it was formed in 1952 to develop into a structure of 30 institutes with over 30 000 students, faculty and administration currently rating in the top 20 of Chinese universities.

The meeting opened with SUAIs Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev reading the welcome letter by SUAI Rector Yulia A. Antokhina to be followed by speeches by Konstantin V. Losev and the BUAA Vice-President Cheng Jiwei and presentations by both Universities, including those by SUAIs Institutes of Aerospace Instruments and Systems, of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications, of Innovative Technologies in Electromechanics and Robotics.

The parties talked on educational and research cooperation within the New Silk Road concept.

07 September, 2017
SUAI at Tajikistan Reception

SUAI at Tajikistan Reception

September 7, 2017 The St. Petersburg Taurida Palace, home for the Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States, hosted the 26 Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tajikistan by the Consul General of Tajikistan in Saint-Petersburg Mr. Davlatali Nazrizoda.

At the reception, SUAI was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Doctor of Economics, Konstantin V. Losev.

On behalf of SUAI, he congratulated Mr. Nazrizoda marking on SUAI Tajikistan student success a proof of mutual benefit and future progress.

Also, Mr. Losev presented Mr. Davlatali Nazrizoda with a memorable gift.

31 August, 2017
New Academic Year at SUAI: Bright and Loud Day of Knowledge2017

New Academic Year at SUAI: Bright and Loud Day of Knowledge2017

The leaving summer flooded the University grounds in Lensoveta Street with freshmen, taking photos, making friends, enjoying the performance.

SUAIs Rector Yulia A. Antokhina, the Saint-Petersburg Governor Georgy G. Poltavchenko and the honored guests opened the official ceremony. The Head of Administration of the Moscow District Vladimir N. Ushakov attended the ceremony with many others of St. Petersburg industry, science and administration.

Freshmen and guests met the Deans and the Directors. Empress Catherine II handed the keys of the Chesma Palace to the best Law students.

The celebration closed with a dance flash-mob and a fire show.

We welcome SUAI freshmen and congratulate all students on a new academic year!

03 August, 2017
Chinese High-Tech at SUAI

Chinese High-Tech at SUAI

SUAI welcomed Chinese officials and high-tech from the city of Wuhan, PRC. The weighty delegation were Sun Zhijun, Deputy Head of the Organizational Department of the Wuhan Municipal Committee, Song Zhiping, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of the Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Lei Lijun, Director of the Organizational Department of Quinqshan District Committee, Li Weifan, Director of Organizational Department of Dongxihu District Committee, Sun Fan, Deputy Head of Wuhan Municipal Administration for International Activities, Wang Feng, Deputy Director of Wuhan Aiport Construction, Yan Changkun, Vice-CEO of Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Ltd. Co., Pan Xincheng, Chairman of BOAD GROUP Inc., Zhu Yun of Jiyuan Technical Service Ltd. Co.

The delegation was greeted by the SUAI Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev, the Head of Scientific Research Coordination Centre A. Rabin, the Head of Institute 2 A. Bestugin, the Deputy Head of Institute 2 I. Kirshina, Senior Research Associate of Department 23 O. Shakin, with E. Belich and E. Chinarova of the DIA.

A. Bestugin and O. Shakin spoke on Institute 2 educational and research activities and prospective projects provoking lively interest of the Chinese delegation.

The Chinese manufacturers paid particular attention to report on optical technologies ready to provide both facilities and funding for a mutually beneficial project the major outcome of the meeting.

02 August, 2017
SUAI Welcomes Henan Provincial Peoples Government

SUAI Welcomes Henan Provincial Peoples Government

An official delegation of the Foreign Affairs Office from Henan, a North-Central province in China, visited SUAI to learn about the University educational and research activities and to talk:

Chu Yaping, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Peoples Congress, Chen Jiansheng, Director General of the Ethnic, Overseas and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Peoples Congress, Hao Lijun, Deputy Director General of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Henan Provincial Peoples Government, Mao Jie, Deputy Director General of Henan Provincial Department of Education, Cao Jian, Vice President of Zhongyuan University of Technology, and Liu Di, Interpreter of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Henan Provincial Peoples Government.

The meeting with the SUAI Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev and the heads of the DIA offices E. Belich and E. Chinarova brought a preliminary agreement by the parties on professor and student exchange to strengthen international cooperation in science and education.