23 April, 2019
SUAIs Rector Answers to Students' Questions Live

SUAIs Rector Answers to Students' Questions Live

April 23, 2019 SUAI launched a dialogue between the SUAIs Rector Yulia A. Antokhina, students, candidates to SUAI and their parents to discuss educational process in SUAI.

Intended for high school graduates, the broadcast focused on enrolment, dormitories, burses, employment and internships.

Another interview live is planned later on due to a great feedback by students.

22 April, 2019
Young Professionals Compete at SUAI within WorldSkills Championship

Young Professionals Compete at SUAI within WorldSkills Championship

April 22, 2019 SUAI started selections for the Final of the WorldSkills Russia Championship 2019 in corporate internal threats security competence.

St. Petersburg hosts WorldSkills selections for the first time to prepare young professionals for WSR National Competitions, the WorldSkills Competition 2019 in Kazan and Euroskills 2022.

Teams from 7 Russian regions compete to meet in Kazan in May for the final.

SUAI, an experienced host for WorldSkills events, has developed corporate internal threats security competence among other profile WorldSkills competences since 2017.

The opening ceremony by the SUAIs Rector Yulia A. Antokhina was attended by St. Petersburg youth education officials.

18 April, 2019
FTTI Session at 72nd International Student Scientific Conference

FTTI Session at 72nd International Student Scientific Conference

April 18, 2019 SUAI held the International Student Scientific Conference with sections and workshops on quality, innovations and technosphere safety.

The Director of the Institute of Fundamental Training and Technological Innovations (FTTI) Elena G. Semenova opened the Conference to see presentations by Innovation and Integrated Quality Systems students and by SUAIs youth R&D.

In 2019, the Conference heard 26 reports promoting research, scientific knowledge, exchange of experience and support of talented postgraduate students, best works published in Modelling and Situation Quality Control in Complex Systems.

Touching upon relevant issues, the Conference was a valuable experience and a promising start for many young researchers.

13 April, 2019
New Stand by SUAI at Education and Career Exhibition

New Stand by SUAI at Education and Career Exhibition

April 12-13, 2019 SUAI participated in the Education and Career Exhibition at Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.

The international exhibition brought together universities and employers in search for young talents.

This year SUAI presented a brand new colorful stand on entering and studying at University with representatives from each faculty and institute talking of their profile.

The stand also informed on R&D by SUAIs laboratories and students life.

08 April, 2019
Unknown East

Unknown East

April 8, 2019 Renaissance Hotel held the Round Table within the Week of Germany in St. Petersburg by DAAD Information Center, German House of Science and Innovations (DWIH) in Moscow and German R&D Community (DFG).

The Round Table brought together 20 Russian universities and 15 German universities to discuss Russia-Germany student exchange problems, attractiveness of St. Petersburg for international students, tools and strategies for academic mobility.

SUAI was represented by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Konstantin V. Losev and the Head of the DIA International Cooperation Sub-Department Yulia V. Makarova.

The event opened with greeting speech by the Head of DAAD Information Center Beate Kolberg promoting scientific cooperation between Russian and German education to follow with DWIH and DFG presentations on R&D exchange and technologies.

The Round Table dwelled on relevant issues of education and international cooperation answering current challenges.