INTERNATIONAL WEEK Knowledge economy: challenges and opportunities

INTERNATIONAL WEEK Knowledge economy: challenges and opportunities


 Knowledge economy: challenges and opportunities

22 -26 May 2017



The Institute of Business Technologies (IBT) invites our academic and administrative colleagues as well as students from Partner Universities to participate in the International Week.

Working Language: English

Travel and accommodation costs are to be covered by the participants. No charge for social and cultural activities and programs of the Week.

Welcome to the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Saint Petersburg, Russia!

Application deadline

1 April, 2017

Artur Budagov, Prof. Doctor of Economics, Director of IBT

Ksenia Baimakova, Deputy Director of IBT on international affairs


For more information and application form contact

Ksenia Baimakova E-mail:


About the International Week

We are inviting YOU to participate and to share your working experience and best practices with our students and colleagues during the event. The International Week is dedicated to Knowledge economy: challenges and opportunities. Guest lecturers are required to present either business or management-related topic of their choice emphasizing the latest challenges in the field. During the International Week YOU will have possibilities:

  • to learn more about the State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and about the Institute of Business Technologies;

  •  to network with other Russian and international guest lecturers from our partner universities;

  • to promote your university;

  • last but not least: to visit the best sights of our beautiful city.

Both professors and students will be provided with certificates of attendance.

It is a great pleasure to invite YOU and your colleagues to participate in the international conference closing the International Week on 26th of May 2016, All conference reports will be published in our scientific journal Contemporary problems of economics and management.

We are looking forward to meeting you!