Rector's greeting

The history of Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation as well as its goals and objectives are due to its profile. The University was founded in hard early forties and it still keeps moving upwards. Within more than 70 years the University has grown from a narrowly-specialized restricted admission institute to become a major research and education center. We are particularly proud of the fact that at the same time we managed to maintain all our traditional educational fields. We have retained one of the unique education profiles, Aerospace Instrumentation. The first artificial satellite in 1957, Yuri Gagarins flight in 1961 and the successful launch of Buran spacecraft in 1988 are among the achievements of Soviet astronautics accomplished due to our staff, students and graduates. In 2011 SUAI headed the North West Aerospace Cluster. However, our University is nowadays not just about space and aviation. Its new educational fields include innovation studies and informatics, data protection and international relations, law, linguistics and many others.

The University currently consists of 6 institutes, 6 faculties and more than 40 departments and it offers over 200 educational programs. The admission quotas and enrollment competition are increasing every year.

We also develop new ways of educational organization. A number of further education, supplementary training and professional retraining programs are implemented by SUAI. The University also offers Applied Bachelors Degree programs, which appeared in Russia as recently as 2013.

Degrees awarded by SUAI are appreciated in Russia and abroad. At the moment more than 600 students from 39 countries are studying at our University as well as our students and staff regularly participate in exchange programs and internships. USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Finland and China are just a few countries we cooperate with.

Higher education is like a launching pad. We provide a successful start and the achievements of our graduates prove it. Many of our graduates have become leading scientists, heads of national science and industry institutions and statesmen.

We are always glad to meet new students and new partners.

Get closer to stars with the SUAI!

Rector of SUAI

Yulia A. Antokhina