Studentsí Life

The SUAI is not only high-standard education in engineering, economics, law and humanities. It also provides a solid basis for personal development in diverse creative skills, sports achievements and social activities.

The SUAI cultural life, sports achievements and the proactive attitude to life are our Universityís pride.

A large number of students enjoy extra-curricular activities: the amateur theatrical society, the SUAI Choir, the Club for the Funny and Quick-Witted, a Photo Studio, the Aerobrain Intellectual Games Club, a film studio, the Studentsí Press Center. The Studentsí Trade Union Committee and the Studentsí Council engage the SUAI students into their activities.

Each year the University holds an artistic competition, the SUAI Talent Show, which is traditionally organized in several steps, with both the number of participants and the level of performance growing year by year.

The most popular sports event in the SUAI is the annual Studentsí Games, in which teams of all the faculties and institutes compete, making the Games a minor counterpart of the Olympics and the Universiade. The SUAI also holds football, basketball, street ball, volleyball, wrestling and bowling tournaments. Our University finds especial pride in organized in honour of the famous SUAI graduates ó Natalya Vorobyova, the Olympic Champion in Freestyle Wrestling, and Victor Khryapa, the winner of the European Basketball Championship.

We widely celebrate public and national holidays: the New Yearís Eve, the Defender of the Motherland Day, the International Womenís Day, St. Valentineís Day, the Shrovetide, the International Cosmonautics Day. We host the annual University Week with the SUAI studentsí Open-Air.

Every new academic year starts for the students of the SUAI with the Day of Knowledge and the Matriculation Ceremonies. As for the graduates of the University, very cheerful, funny and colourful performances are staged for them, with the SUAI students actively engaged in preparation and conduct.

The SUAI continues to be in touch with its graduates. To celebrate the 65th and the 70th anniversary of the Universityís establishment two grand Alumni Reunions were held at the St. Petersburg Ice Palace and about 10,000 SUAI graduates from all over the world arrived at each of them.

The University provides with all the necessary conditions not only for education, but for cultural and artistic life as well, allowing its students to become balanced and sound personalities.