International Seminar on«Effective Instruments for Chemical Reducation in Urban Ecosystems: NONHAZCITY PROJECT for St. Petersburg»

International Seminar on«Effective Instruments for Chemical Reducation in Urban Ecosystems: NONHAZCITY PROJECT for St. Petersburg»

On April 21, 2021, the Boiling Point SUAI hosted an international seminar «Effective istruments for chemical reduction in the urban ecosystems» within the framework of the NonHazCity project with the financial support of the «Interreg. Baltic Sea Region».

NonHazCity2 is a continuation of the global program of the European Regional Development Fund INTERREG for the reduction of hazardous substances, which has been operating in the EU since 2011.

The international seminar brought together European and Russian participants (more than 40 participants in person and more than 30 participants online). The program of the seminar included 2 sections: on the implementation of environmental criteria in green public procurement and chemical risk management in environmental management systems.

In connection with the outbreak of COVID-19, a hybrid format for the event was chosen: online and offline.

The opening of the seminar began with a welcoming speech by the Rector of the SUAI Yulia Antokhina.

«In the context of the spread of coronavirus infection, the issues of reducing chemicals in urban ecosystems are becoming increasingly important. The forced use of disposable products containing plastics and hazardous additives increases the burden on the environment every day. The topic of conscious consumption does not lose its significance, is interesting for the participants, inspires for discussions and the development of specific solutions and proposals to achieve a favorable state of urban ecosystems» - noted Yulia Antokhina.

Further, the Chairman of the organizing committee, Director of the Institute for Fundamental Training and Technological Innovation, Elena Semenova made a welcoming speech and noted that «SUAI has many years of experience in international cooperation on environmental issues. Raising the priority of environmental and human health issues requires concerted action».

President of the Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) Heidrun Fammler in her welcoming speech presented the NonHazCity2 project (reduction of the use of chemicals in products in the cities of the Baltic region).

In the first section, representatives of Germany (Heidrun Fammler, BEF Germany), Finland (Hannamaria Yliruusi, Turku University of Applied Sciences), Sweden (Eva Cruz, City of Västerås), Latvia (Normunds Vagalis, Riga City Council), Lithuania (Audrone Alijošuitė, BEF Lithuania), Russia (Evgeniya Kuznetsova, Ecological Union) shared their experience on the inclusion of environmental criteria in the public procurement system, discussed barriers and ways to overcome. Evgenia Kuznetsova presented the «Guide for Green Public Procurement», developed jointly by the Ecological Union and SUAI.

Jens Kerstan, Minister of Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture of the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Germany), made a detailed presentation on the importance of public green procurement and its impact on the state of the urban environment.

The work of the second section was no less lively. The section was opened by Robert Pochyluk (Vice-President of the Association Polish Forum ISO 14000, Poland) with a report on chemical risk management in the framework of ISO 14001. Further representatives of Russian organizations Galina Ivanova (Deputy Director of the FBU «Test St. Petersburg»), Elizaveta Novozhilova and Irina Yakovleva (Certification Association «Russian Register») spoke in detail about the application of best management practices, certification of environmental management systems, as well as the integration of chemical risk management into the environmental management system.

During the seminar, the participants developed a number of effective solutions to ensure a comfortable and safe environment.


Stream link:

- in Russian: https://youtu.be/Mk0qN11FST0

- English version: https://youtu.be/l5D5uP-JiHM

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