Congratulations of the SUAI Rector on the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics

Congratulations of the SUAI Rector on the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics
Dear all! I congratulate you on the great holiday Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!
This day is especially significant for our university and not only because our teachers, students and graduates stood at the origins of the Russian manned cosmonautics.

Back in 1941, when our university was founded, hardly anyone could have imagined that just two decades later a simple Smolensk guy would pave the way into space for all mankind! But nevertheless, it became possible thanks to the power of knowledge and faith in the limitless possibilities of science. And this power, this faith has illuminated the path of our university throughout its history!

It was they who attracted new generations of ambitious young guys and girls to our university embraced by the great ideas of space exploration. As Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin himself said, "To become winged, you need the desire to fly" and I know for sure that this desire is part of the genetic code of everyone who is related to our university!

April 12 is a symbol of the greatest victory of science and technology over the impossible! And on this day we know for sure that any difficulties are only a matter of time, and the most difficult problems will not resist our efforts. Let's strive only upward and forward, and let the spark of eternal search and overcoming of all imaginable and inconceivable obstacles on the way to the cherished goal always burn in our hearts!

Dream, dare, conquer! Happy holiday friends, happy Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!

Yulia Antokhina