A new Educational Factory for Electric Charging Stations in SUAI

A new Educational Factory for Electric Charging Stations in SUAI
On April 25, within the framework of the Engineering School 2.0 strategic project of the Priority 2030 program, an Educational Factory for Electric Charging Stations named UNICUMMOTORS GUAP was opened.

During the round table held within the opening events the representatives of partner companies and the university management discussed the prospects for the development of infrastructure technologies for electric charging stations.

Alexey Bobryshov, the head of the Educational Factory, said that the essence of the charging station is the control controller. The uniqueness of the SUAI developments consists in the logical control of charging. According to Alexey, most electric vehicles are not charged from charging stations or the network, but they analyze it. This module is responsible for the safety of the assembled switching circuit of the electric charging station. Alexey explained that the module interacts with the machine and redistributes energy. This helps to avoid problems when charging. He also spoke about the possibilities for students of creating home and business charging stations here in the Factory.

In addition to laboratory equipment, the Factory employees presented BYD - an Chinese electric car - a comfortable model with a soft suspension, outstanding aerodynamics and a power reserve of 320 kilometers.