SUAI students became prize-winners at the competition of the best innovative projects

SUAI students became prize-winners at the competition of the best innovative projects
On April 18-20, the Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center hosted an exhibition of HI-TECH innovations, as well as a competition for the best scientific and technical developments. SUAI teams took part in the exhibition and achieved high results in the competition

The Annual International Exhibition of HI-TECH Innovations is the most important event in Russia in the field of high technologies, innovations and investment projects in the scientific and technical sphere, held since 1996. Among the exhibitors are universities and research institutes, industrial enterprises, technoparks and state scientific centers.

SUAI annually participates in the exhibition presenting the scientific developments of student research teams. This year, the university brought 9 items to the HI-TECH exhibition.

On the final day, the winners of the The Best Innovative Project and the Best Scientific and Technical Development of the Year Contest were selected. This year, 35 organizations took part in the competition and submitted 87 innovative projects. SUAI scientific teams have achieved high results based on the professional expert evaluation.

The gold medals were awarded to the developers of the following projects: "A set of unmanned multirotortype aviation system for the formation of operating and piloting skills in various modes" (supervisor - Nikolay Mayorov, Director of the SUAI Institute of Aerospace Instruments and Systems),  and "An autonomous isothermal container for cargo delivery by an unmanned aviation system" (supervisor -  Anton Kostin, Head of the Laboratory of Unmanned Aircraft Systems of the SUAI Engineering School). 6 SUAI projects were awarded silver medals.